In pictures: Iraqis try to stay cool in 51C heatwave

A man stands under a public shower in Baghdad Image copyright EPA

Iraqis have been struggling to keep cool as a heatwave continues across much of the Middle East.

The temperature in the capital Baghdad reportedly approached 52C on Tuesday, one of the highest the city has ever seen.

The heat is said to have remained above 51C on Wednesday.

Many people stayed indoors, with some in central Baghdad seeking respite under an improvised shower.

Iraqi men cool off under a public shower at a street in central Baghdad Image copyright EPA

But the extreme heat has put even greater pressure on the country’s already strained public resources.

Two men stand under an outside shower in central Baghdad Image copyright EPA

Electricity cuts have left many people in Baghdad reliant on generators to keep fans and air conditioners running.

The situation has led to widespread anger, with renewed protests taking place earlier this week.

A man sells cold water in Baghdad Image copyright EPA
An Iraqi boy dives into the Tigris river in Mosul Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Youths cooled off in the river Tigris in the city of Mosul

At least two demonstrators died on Monday, with the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights reporting that more than 20 people were killed by security forces.

A demonstrator flashes the victory sign during a protest over poor public services in Baghdad on 27 July Image copyright Reuters

The country has also been affected by a drop in oil prices since the coronavirus pandemic began.

The pandemic has resulted in more than 118,000 cases and 4,603 deaths in Iraq, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

A man wearing a face mask stands under an outside shower in Baghdad on 28 July Image copyright Reuters

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