Indentification of the man executed and left with the flag of Russia

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Thank You Gus  Source

Another subject who was killed in the Sinaloa Piggyback, the public works department south of the state capital, was also identified by his relatives.

Culiacán, Sin.- The two men who were found shot and tortured in the northern and southern sectors of the city hours apart were identified during the course of yesterday night by their relatives.
The authorities reported that one of the deceased was named Jorge Inés, approximately 34 years old, with a known address in Pueblo Nuevo, and had allegedly been abducted by an armed group.
The body of this person was found around 8 in the morning, next to the perimeter fence of a block of trailer yards that are located in the Piggyback sector.
Graphic image below

The corpse was face down, with the head covered with an orange rag, which was tied with gray tape that covered his face.
He had at least two bullet wounds to the skull and two gun casings were located next to the corpse.
The body is wearing only a white and black bermuda shorts has traces of torture, at least four shots from a small-arms bullet, and had a Russian flag held to the chest with a knife.

When this story broke a couple of days ago, I assumed it was the execution by Ruso, chief of sicarios for El Mayo, taking in account of the Russian flag.  However, others think it may be Nini (of Chapitos) and pinned the flag upside down out of disrespect of Ruso.  I still think it was done by Ruso, but admit the opinion is mixed.