(Indictment) Former Natl Security Chief Salvador Cienfuegos worked with Cártel de Nayarit (Beltran Leyva) alleges United States Attorney

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The United States accused Salvador
Cienfuegos, Secretary of National Defense in the past sexenio (EPNs six-year
term), of having worked for the H-2 Cartel, a violent criminal group based in
Nayarit, in exchange for bribes.

The United States Attorney for
Eastern Brooklyn today asked Judge Carol Bagley Ammon that, once he is sent
from Los Angeles to New York, General Cienfuegos be under permanent arrest, in
a letter detailing his alleged criminal activities and the risk escape if
released on bail.

“Evidence including
thousands of intercepted messages from Blackberry reveals that, when he was
Secretary of Defense, the defendant, in exchange for bribes, assisted the H-2
Cartel in numerous ways, including ensuring that there were no military
operations in  against the group; assuring
initiating military operations against their rivals; obtaining maritime
transport for drug shipments; acting to expand the territory controlled by H-2
to Mazatlán and the rest of Sinaloa, “the Attorney General’s Office for
the Eastern District of New York said today.

Cienfuegos also introduced cartel
leaders to other corrupt Mexican officials, and alerted the DEA investigation,
which led to the murder of a cartel member who was not actually collaborating
with the US agency. 

“Among the many
communications captured during the investigation, there are numerous messages
between the defendant and a senior leader of the H-2 Cartel, in which the
defendant discussed the assistance he had historically provided to another drug
trafficking organization, as well as communications in which the defendant is
identified by name, title and photograph, as the Mexican official who supports
the H-2 Cartel, “the letter says.

He adds that this collaboration
allowed the cartel, headed by Juan Francisco Patron Sánchez the “H-2”, to export thousands of kilos of cocaine, heroin,
methamphetamine and marijuana to the United States, without interference from
the Mexican Army.

Patron Sánchez died in February
2017 in a confrontation with elements of the Navy in Tepic.

At the time of the events, from
2015 to 2017, Nayarit was governed by PRI member Roberto Sandoval, who has been
accused by the United States of collaborating with drug trafficking, but has
not been criminally charged, in contrast to Edgar Veytia, who was the State
Attorney General.

Veytia was sentenced by the
Brooklyn Court to 20 years in prison in 2019, after pleading guilty to drug
trafficking charges, identical to those brought against Cienfuegos.

The Prosecutor’s Office asked to
detain Cienfuegos without the right to bail, since he would face life
imprisonment if convicted of the charges against him, and if he returned to
Mexico, he would have the collaboration of drug traffickers or corrupt
officials to avoid being arrested.

It is the same argument used in
the same Court, when bail was denied to the former Secretary of Public
Security, Genaro García Luna, imprisoned in the United States since December

Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda … by Chivis Martinez

“As evidenced by the
criminal conduct of the accused, he has no respect for authority or the law,
and has previously endangered the safety of US agents and their witnesses, by
revealing the status of investigations against the H-2 Cartel to its leaders,
so there is no reason to believe that he will respect the conditions of liberty
imposed by the Court, “said Prosecutor Seth DuCharme.

Note: H2

Many in the U.S. are probably
scratching their collective heads wondering who cartel H2 is. 

H2 is a Beltran Leyva
Organization cell operating Nayarit for the cartel.  Juan Francisco Patron was the leader.

Known as ‘H2’, Patrón was an an important part of the Beltrán Leyva Cartel organization in the drug trafficking
in the areas of Nayarit and Jalisco, in the Mexican Pacific.

Patron was once a part of Sinaloa
Cartel, at the time BLO was before the acrimonious split.

Patron was killed in an intense operation
in Tepic the Nayarit capital in 2017.

The Mexican military cornered Patron
in a house when his enforcers began a fierce shootout with guns and grenades. (view video below).

From the air and land, the
military returned gunfire from which Patron was killed taking with him a dozen
of his men.

Patron was blamed for the death of
5 soldiers in an ambush against a military convoy, and wounding another 10, as
they escorted an ambulance carrying “El Kevin” 
Of the Sinaloa Cartel, he
survived serious injuries only to be later killed and left “encobijado” .

At the time of the attack what
Cienfuegos said:

“Upon entering Culiacan, the
Military units were received with high-power weapon fire and the wounded
person, “El Kevin” was “rescued” from the Army by the armed
commando: the very next day the Secretary of National Defense, General Salvador
Cienfuegos Zepeda, described the armed commandos as “sick, insane, beasts
and criminals” for attacking the uniformed soldiers.”

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Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda … by Chivis Martinez