“Interrogation” Iguala police style, allegedly on the payroll of a new group “Las Banderas” who flooded Iguala with banners

 By Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

The new group flooded Iguala with banners in September stating what happened to the 43 students and who is responsible…..

Police “interrogate”  arrested
men, beating and torturing them on video footage.  (See below, beware it is brutal).

The Iguala municipal police are alleged
to be on the payroll of a new group “Las Banderas”.

In September the group flooded Iguala
and parts of Guerrero with banners stating:

That the remains of the43 normalistas
of Ayotzinapa were distributed in various places

They Sent a message to López
Obrador and the prosecutor in the Iguala case that the

Guerreros Unidos, are responsible
for the mass kidnapping and killing of the students. Also, that GU are now
protected and in collusion with Los Tlacos.

They claim:

17 normalistas were sent to
Cocula; 12 to Apetlanca and 14 to Mezcala

They revealed names of attackers
in 2014 and the murderers of journalist Morrugares

Lino Calderón.

Further claims:

“José Ángel Casarrubias Salgado,
alias el Mochomo who at that time was the main leader of that group, under his
command was Gildardo Astudillo López ‘Cabo Gil’ and they were followed by the
gang of Los Peques or aka  Tilos, executing arm of the group led by Víctor Hugo,
Salvador, Osiel, Mateo, Orbelin, Brenda.

What happened to the 43
normalistas: “these people and their people took 17 students to the police and
then to Cocula, 12 students were sent to apetlanca where the leader is Erick
Roman and his family were in charge of the kidnapping them, 14 in Mezcala
Carrizalillo where the leader was El Nueve along with Kiko, Zebu, Caballerango
and El Monsturo the latter where Marcelo Ríos has his own body dump. At that
time, Guerreros Unidos and the Tlacos were the same, they were fighting the plazas with Los Rojos.

The version released this Sunday
is attributed to an alleged criminal, known under the alias of Seven, who is
said to be the right hand of Gildardo Astudillo, who also “confessed”

It is also claimed that El Cabo
Gil is hidden in Tlacotepec, under the protection of Onésimo Marquina Chapa,
who claims that they ordered the execution of the journalist and owner of the
PM Noticias page, Pablo Morrugares.

With this, we tell you that
in Iguala no student has been found nor is there evidence found that they were even here.”