Jalisco Cartel vs Santa Rosa Cartel: the war of white color meth against blue

 Steve C Borderland Beat  El Universal

In Guanajuato, the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel have chosen to color the
amphetamines they sell to verify that in the towns they control, it is the only
one that is sold

groups in Guanajuato dispute the sale of methamphetamine, a drug known as “Cristal”, which they dye in colors so that the drug dealers do not
sell that of their adversary group.

This was
announced by journalists Denisse Maerker in her newscast “En Punto”,
on Monday night, where she explained that the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel , an
organization that was led by the now detained José Antonio Yépez Ortiz “El
Marro ” paints its product color blue, however, the Cartel Jalisco New
Generation, the group led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, “El Mencho”
is white, this in order to verify that the drug is only sold in the towns they

Saucedo, Security Analyst, commented to the newscast that often drugs are sold
with the logo of criminal groups.

it is with the logo of the elite group, which are the special operations groups
that the CJNG has,” said the analyst.

If any of
the groups detect that the rival group’s drugs are sold in the areas they
control, they investigate who is the person who markets it, and then
assassinate him, which has led to an increase in homicides in the state.

publishes on its front page that so far this month there have already been 77
deaths, derived from the fight between the Jalisco Cartel and the Santa Rosa

Just this
Monday an armed attack in the municipality of Jaral del Progreso left five dead,
and four more people seriously injured.

dispute over the sale of the “glass” (crystal)  has also caused its consumers to increase,
since from 2004 to 2020 it has increased by 58% in the state of Guanajuato,
according to a graph of youth integration centers.