Johor hit by floods after heavy rain, 1,000 residents evacuated

JOHOR BAHRU: About 1,000 people in Malaysia’s southern state of Johor have been placed in temporary evacuation centres after flooding caused by two days of heavy rain which started on Friday (Jan 1).

Four districts – Kulai, Johor Bahru, Kluang and Kota Tinggi – were hit by flooding, said State Health and Environment committee chairman R Vidyananthan. 

Traffic was affected as well.

There was a slippery stretch of road along the Kluang-Mersing route near Kluang, said the chairman of the Johor Public Works, Transport and Infrastructure Committee.

Vehicles could still pass but light vehicles could not get through another three locations along the same route as the roads were submerged in 0.2m to 0.6m of water. 

1,000 people in Johor were affected by the floods
A total of 1,000 flood victims were placed in temporary evacuation centres after four districts in Johor were affected due to heavy rain since Jan 1, 2021. (Photo: Twitter/Bernama) 

“Based on the reports I’ve received, rain will continue for the next one to two days. (Therefore) I advise those affected to think of the safety of their families,” said Johor Menteri Besar Ir Hasni Mohammad after visiting a relief centre on Saturday.

“I know they would want to protect their valuables and property but what is most important is their safety and lives.”

His comments came after reports that some residents were unwilling to heed instructions by the authorities to evacuate until the flood situation worsened.

Neighbouring Singapore has also been experiencing heavy rain over two days, with temperatures dropping to a low of 21.1°C on Saturday.