Leader of Gulf Cartel faction ‘Los Xs’ arrested in Chihuahua

 “stevectpa” for Borderland Beat

Jesus Gilberto A.J.

Chihuahua state authorities arrested a Tamaulipas cartel boss Jesus Gilberto over the weekend. He was the head of Los Xs, a Gulf Cartel faction once headed by former kingpin Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sanchez (“El Coss”). The detainee was hiding in Chihuahua, over 860 km (534 mi) from Tamaulipas, where the Xs are based.

Investigators say that Jesus Gilberto was coordinating marijuana and cocaine shipments from Chihuahua to Tamaulipas with the help of local drug cartels. His associates in Chihuahua were Francisco Arvizu Marquez (“El Jaguar”) and Gerardo Garza Santana (“El 300”), heads of Gente Nueva and La Empresa. The Xs also smuggled narcotics to the U.S. through the El Paso–Juárez corridor with the assistance of local smugglers.

In addition, authorities said that Jesus Gilberto’s group sold cocaine throughout Chihuahua in black plastic bags marked with the letter X. He was also linked to an extortion case of a bread business in Chihuahua. The Xs reportedly asked the company for payments periodically in order to continue operating. If they refused or were unable to pay, gangsters were ordered to burn the company’s distribution buses. This form of extortion is known in Mexico as derecho/cobro de piso (“user rights”), as reported by Borderland Beat.

The arrest was made after a judge in Tamaulipas issued an arrest warrant on 15 October 2020 and asked Chihuahua state officials to help in the search. At the time of his arrest, Jesus Gilberto was one of the most-wanted criminals in Tamaulipas and was considered a “priority target”. Chihuahua officials transferred Jesus Gilberto to Tamaulipas for his legal hearings. He is being investigated for homicide, extortion and drug trafficking.

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