Mexico, a Country of Massacres

 By Buggs for Borderland Beat

Eleven killed and two wounded was the toll of an attack perpetrated by heavily armed individuals in a gathering that took place at the intersections of Avenida Pemex and 5 de Mayo in the La Jauja neighborhood in Tonalá Jalisco.

Recently there has been a large presence of organized crime in the area and elements of the National Guard that arrive after the massacre have been patrolling the region without much success.

The role of the Government of Mexico to combat organized crime has been questioned, because instead of confronting them, they release the plaza bosses.

The political strategy “hugs instead of bullets” has caused an increase of executions to over 600 massacres in 2020. 2021 again began with massacres; the first was registered in León and the second in Celaya, Guanajuato. Mexico experienced an average of one massacre (groups of people killed) per week during 2021.

Later, in Veracruz, 12 bodies were found, in Tamaulipas the bodies of more than ten burned migrants were found.

In Chihuahua, a confrontation between the La Linea Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel left three beheaded, for a total of five dead.

To add to the stories of terror is the massacre that occurred this afternoon in the La Jauja de Tonalá neighborhood in Jalisco, where an armed group attacked ten people who apparently were engaged in the business of construction and right around  the corner, the body of a child that had been shot.

Police recovered over 70 spent casings, apparently the victims were sitting on the sidewalk drinking some beer after work when two trucks full of armed sicarios arrived and opened fire.

Throughout the country, there have been numerous massacres in the last two months, the National Guard has shown that it has the appropriate equipment to take on organized crime, but they have failed to stop the massacres.

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