Michoacán: CJNG says report of truce with Carteles Unidos is a lie, shares image of El Abuelo Farías in a hospital

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

In the past couple of days messages have been circulating on social media regarding the ongoing war between CJNG and “Carteles Unidos”.
An image of Juan José Farías alias “El Abuelo”, the leader of Carteles Unidos, a Tepalcatepec based Cartel, depicting him convalescing in a hospital setting.
Previous to the image, a narco message circulated announcing a truce between CJNG and C.U.  

However, when the image of Abuelo was released, allegedly by CJNG, it was made clear there is no truce.
Michoacán governor Silviano Aureoles, has made Abuelo a “priority” security objective, yet he has for years, operated with impunity  in the state.

Abuelo was captured on May 27, 2018, at which time Governor Silvano Aureoles celebrated the capture, hyping;

“I congratulate and acknowledge the Secretary of the Navy for the result of this important operation, and I reiterate the commitment of the Michoacán government to continue working hand and hand with the three orders of government of  Michoacán, “he posted on Twitter.