Michoacan: CJNG’s ‘Elite Group” enters and attacks “El Abuelo’s” stronghold of Tepalcatepec

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

CJNG Elite thanks R1 and R3 for their help saying: “the beginning has begun”, Elite Group reports Caballeros Templarios, Viagras and Abuelo cartel [Carteles Unidos]sicarios were defeated in Estánzuela as they thank R1 an R3 for their support.

                                                       CJNG “Elite Group” vehicle 

Convoy of 10 trucks bearing the CJNG acronym,  entered Tepalcatepec and began firing. ‘“Tepeque”, is the stronghold of ‘El Abuelo’, the adversary of CJNG and El Mencho.
Villagers from Tepalcatepec and authorities in this area of  Michoacán  reported the attack with assault rifles, including .50 caliber Barret and grenade launcher.
At 11:30 pm last night the  convoy  entered Tepalcatepec, Michoacán, and began firing on residents.
According to eyewitness reports, the confrontation with CJNG, reportedly ‘Elite Group’, began in the city of Tecalitlán, Jalisco, just south of CJNG controlled Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco,  on the Jalisco/Michoacán border [JalMich].
Although official reports of dead and injured have yet to be given, residents report the attack was similar to that of August 30, 2019, which left 11 narcos dead and three injured. after residents and municipal police officers repelled the attack.

When the attack began, Juan José Farías “El Abuelo”, called his supporters out to the streets, by using  the Tepalcatepec Citizen Participation Council page on facebook.
To all residents, he warned them  of “an attack of an armed group” and called them to take refuge in their homes “and may God protect us all.”