Miguel Alemán Tamaulipas: A major shootout between CDN vs CDG 4 hours as of now

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“No, it is not Iraq or the US vs. ISIS”…..
At around 5pm the images and videos began appearing on social media.  An intense confrontation between Cartel Del Noreste CDN who is the Trevino faction of Zetas and CDG, Cartel del Golfo.
The confrontation is continuing as this is being posted, 4 hours in duration in Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas México.

Reports indicate that “La Tropa del Infierno” the enforcers of CDN entered MiguelAleman and began the strong confrontation. Reports of several dead, calcined bodies and dozens of burning vehicles. 

Despite countless calls, no authorities have made an appearance, apparently allowing the two groups to war it out without protecting the terrified residents.