New CJNG Video: Tells Businessmen, residents and remnants of CSRL, War in Guanajuato was against ‘El Marro’

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In a new video broadcast on social networks, members of the elite group of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación pledged to maintain peace in Guanajuato, assuring that their war was against Antonio Yépez, ‘El Marro’.
“You are informed that today the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación is committed to you, the people of Guanajuato, as well as to the authorities to keep the State calm and at peace,” says a man covered with ski masks in the video.
The group celebrated the arrest of José Antonio Yépez, El Marro’, on August 2 in the State.

“We will respect what was said, that the war was against ‘El Marro’, that his days were numbered, as well as we reiterate what was said by the CJNG  by Mr. ‘Mencho’, they will be able to live in peace and have the assurance that we will maintain peace and tranquility”, he said.

“As a cartel we do not dedicate ourselves to kidnapping, extortion, or the collection of the “piso”, we know that people from that gang continue, and are killing, they will also fall, or what they should do is flee.”
The man assured that, as long as they [remnants of Lima group] do not follow the same steps as ‘El Marro’, thing will be calm.
“On the part of the CJNG there will be no persecution or reprisals against the ‘Marro’ family, as long as they stop following the steps that affected them for years and stop kidnapping, extorting and collecting a floor from families and businessmen of the State of Guanajuato, the war was against ‘El Marro’ “, he assured.
He also called on businessmen who fled the violence to return to the state.
“Leave the town in peace and we will not mess with anyone, businessmen from Guanajuato, we will not make you run, have the peace of mind of staying in this beautiful state, and those of you who ran out of fear can return with the peace of mind of knowing that their state has been freed from the bad actions that affected the people.”