NRL to revert to one referee, agrees to new rules for the rest of the 2020 NRL season

The Australian Rugby League Commission has agreed that only one on-field referee will be used for the rest of the NRL season.

Six more tackles will also be introduced rather than a penalty stoppage for ruck infringements.

The return to one referee has been touted for several weeks as a cost-cutting measure for the league, which has been financially impacted from the virus.

Two referees have been used to officiate NRL games since 2009.

It comes amid the NRL’s push to recommence on May 28 after being stopped after two rounds due to the coronavirus restrictions.

Several players have objected to the league’s mandate to get a flu-shot prior to the start of the year.

Gold Coast Titans players Bryce Cartwright and Brian Kelly have been told they will not be allowed to take the field if they refuse to get the shot.

NSW-based players are allowed to sign a waiver acknowledging the risks of not having the vaccine in order to get an exemption.