Nuevo Laredo: Blockades today and shootouts between CDN, State Police and SEDENA

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

An armed attack against a command of the State Police unleashed a series of shootings and blockades in various points of Nuevo Laredo today.
Despite low traffic, the criminals set up narco-blocks to delay support for the patrols that were ambushed on the way to the airport from the highway.
In addition to blocking important arteries such as the Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo highway, the second Periférico ring road, and the Piedras Negras highway with trucks and vehicles, organized crime also crossed trucks on busy streets in the downtown area, such as Peru and César López Avenue. from Lara.
The criminal acts began at 9:10 a.m. local time, but minutes before noon, the avenues and highways blocked by criminals were completely opened, the State Public Security Secretariat reported.
The tension in the streets of Nuevo Laredo was evident by the passing of patrols by various corporations and by convoys of armed groups with the legends CDN and Tropa del Infierno.
Since the early hours of Sunday, organized crime gunmen have been attacking the State Police, whose command recently arrived in the city attacked crime.
That Sunday an agent of the State Police died, and two policemen were injured in an ambush, which also caused the death of the leader of the self-styled Tropa del Infierno, the armed wing of the CDN.
The CDN seeks to avenge the gunman Hugo Alejandro Salcido Cisneros, 23, known as “El Pin Pon”, who escaped in June 2017 from Consejo Tutelar de Menores and became the head of the CDN’s assassins.
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