On Zacatecas border: 12 massacred in San Luis Potosi signed message allegedly from CDS/MZ

 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Reforma

BB Note : 

CJNG also released videos and
photos of the executions it has done in the state of Zacatecas likewise leaving narco-messages with warnings and threats to the CDS.   CDG
was allied in the south with the CJNG to combat the Taliban and CDS in the
center and north of Zacatecas and defend their southern plaza.

It should be noted that in the
last four days a total of 22 executed in the border area between San Luis
Potosí and Zacatecas have been located.

All year long, almost 60 executed
in these areas between Zacatecas and SLP [TY Gus]

Note: Happened apx 10:30 AM, Message left at massacre warns
that the same fate awaits all CJNG, the massacre may have taken place in
Zacatecas and dumped in SLP, see map

San Luis Potosi: The bodies of 12 people were
found this Monday on the El Barril interstate highway, at the height of the
Municipality of Villa de Ramos, San Luis Potosí, confirmed the State Attorney
General’s Office (FGE) .

According to the first reports,
there are 10 murdered men and 2 women who were found on the Villa de Ramos-Villa
de Cos stretch, near the Dulce Grande community, bordering Zacatecas.

“The lifeless people were
found in two vans, one of them with Jalisco state license plates,” the FGE

“Within the evidence, a narco
message from a criminal group.”

Warning graphic images below 

The Secretary of the Government
of San Luis Potosí, Alejandro Leal Tovías, acknowledged this Monday that the
entity has a serious problem of intentional homicides, especially in this area
that borders Zacatecas.

“We bring up a very strong
issue, especially in regard to homicides,” he said, “approximately 46
executions of people who are not from San Luis Potosí, the executions being
carried out on the border with San Luis Potosí and leaving them here.”

Just yesterday, it was reported
that six more murdered were found on Highway 62, the Cedral-Vanegas section, on
the borders of this state with Zacatecas, Nuevo León and Coahuila.

A month ago 5 bodies were left in the same area