One high-production edibles facility supplies nearly all of Nevada’s 62 cannabis dispensaries

A security guard at Evergreen Organix’s combined cultivation and production mega-facility opens an electrically padlocked outdoor gate before ushering viewers through the 33,000 square-foot venue’s side doors. The smell of lush marijuana plants wafts conspicuously through the facility’s main lobby. But on this spring morning in the middle of April, the pot plants will take a back seat to an equally lucrative harvest happening in the facility’s kitchen.

Former Bellagio chocolatier Kristin Smith, now working for Evergreen, drizzles melted liquid portions of the company’s award-winning pot-infused expresso dark chocolate into squares, where they’re smoothed out by a machine and wrapped for sale. In a side room, Eddy Gonzalez, 22, and Travis Maxey, 22, pack dozens of cannabis cookies-and-cream-flavored rice krispie treats into childproof packages.

A once-a-week occasion is also taking place in the kitchen’s main area, where Jamie Lockwood manually cranks a pressing machine to squeeze through over a pound of heated marijuana flower and extract its oil for cannabis butter.

“State law said we can’t say we’re organic, but we try to preserve and many of those principles as possible,” said Jillian Nelson, Evergreen Organix’s business development manager.

Nelson said the facility is Nevada’s largest standalone for cultivation and supplies nearly all of the state’s 62 licensed marijuana dispensaries. Unlike many vertically-integrated businesses, Evergreen Organix doesn’t own a dispensary. Instead, Nelson said, it focuses on crafting pot flower and products. All edibles in Evergreen Organix undergo three mandatory state laboratory tests before they’re packaged and sold to dispensaries.

State Sen. Tick Segerblom, who championed Nevada’s push for legal pot in last year’s state legislature, was also on the tour.

“It’s state of the art,” Segerbloom said of the facility, “and it shows that if you purchase edibles in Nevada, you have nothing to be afraid of as far as quality and testing are concerned.”