Otay Mesa: New Cross Border Tunnel Found Near Tijuana BC POE and Airport

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta y Televisa

                          A clandestine tunnel has been found on Mexico-United States border.

Authorities from Tijuana, Baja California, have not yet determined or reported whether this tunnel was used for the transfer of weapons, people or drugs; FGR says the Tunnel in Otay Mesa has all the infrastructure to cross drugs.

Friday, September 13, a search was carried out in the tunnel that was located Thursday on a property  on  Airport Avenue, at the height of the Tampico Ejido, about 60 meters from the US/ Mexico border wall, and although it has not been still identified the use it had, Victorino Porcayo Domínguez, delegate of the Federal Prosecutor of the Republic in Baja California, reported that it has all the infrastructure to cross drugs.

He stressed that after the first reviews and inquiries “it is still too early” to know the purpose that people who constructed it had in mind;  “their names and data will be investigated to identify them, since the tunnel to the United States has been confirmed”.

He explained that it is “a deep well with all the corresponding measures that these people use to make this type of tunnels, well designed and has a considerable depth, which forces us to redouble the security measures for our staff,” he said.
Some people who work near in the neighborhood, only one block from the border wall say that they never noticed abnormal activities, they only indicated that alot of new model trucks were seen entering and leaving.
The last tunnel detected in Tijuana was on August 26, 2017, in a winery located on Mar Bermejo Street, in the Garita de Otay neighborhood.
The discovery came after Border Patrol agents detected a tunnel in the Colonia Otay Mesa, on the US side, when they arrested a group of 30 people, including 23 Chinese and seven Mexicans, who tried to cross into United States without documents.
After giving notice to the Mexican authorities, referring to the exit point of the tunnel through which  the people had come through, elements of the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) and the State Preventive Police (PEP)  found the tunnel entrance that led to the US.
The delegate of the FGR shared that several expert tests are still needed to expand the information on the latest tunnel find.
On the side of the United States, the Border Patrol Sector San Diego is aware of the existence of the tunnel, however, it will be the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service Agency, ie, ICE , who will provide details.
“At this time, U.S. authorities are aware of a tunnel discovered by Mexican law enforcement officials near the Otay Mesa border,” an official statement from the DHS said.