Police: Man Falsely Reports His Vehicle As Stolen, Googles ‘How To Set Your Car On Fire And Make It Look Like An Accident’

PITTSBURGH (CBS Pittsburgh) – A Westmoreland County man is facing multiple charges after police say he falsely reported his vehicle as stolen then set it on fire.

Earlier this month, state police say 54-year-old Donald Cassidy of West Newton reported his vehicle as stolen.

A few days later, the vehicle was found off of White Ridge Road in Mt. Pleasant Township. Police say it had been set on fire and it was unrecognizable. A VIN number on the back of the vehicle matched one belonging to Cassidy, police say.

After taking his phone and executing a search warrant, police say a look through his Google history turned up the search, “how to set your car on fire and make it look like an accident.”

He’s facing charges of arson, false reports and risking a catastrophe.