Porfirio Sánchez Mendoza attributes recent homicides to an adjustment of accounts between criminal cells

Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes – The latest events of executed persons that have occurred in the entity are caused by adjustments within criminal groups, said Porfirio Sánchez Mendoza, secretary of Public Security of Aguascalientes.

“They are accommodating due to the arrests made by the Prosecutor in coordination with the single command. I think they are rearranged, we are contending and we are doing well, ”he said, interviewed shortly before the Independence parade.

Only during the course of this month at least six executions have been reported in various municipalities of Aguascalientes, such as the cases of San Francisco de los Romo, Rincón de Romos and El Llano.

– Is there concern from the authorities about this situation?

– We are concerned that there are such actions, with which we have to activate more to ensure the security of the state.

Sánchez Mendoza rejected that security in the state has been relaxed, exemplifying the dynamics of the celebrations of national holidays and where there was a white balance.

The Secretary of Public Security described Aguascalientes as a “porous state”, explaining that criminal groups from other entities filter in. “The state by its nature is porous. What we have done is to implement more security, more operations, more tours of the dirt roads to inhibit crime, ”he added.

– Do these groups enter or are they in here?

– I would lie to you if I said they don’t enter. They do enter, but we redouble our efforts to prevent them from entering the state.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat source