Regina City Council approves amendments to Taxi Bylaw

Regina City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to amend Regina’s Taxi Bylaw amid criticism from stakeholders about inequality between taxi and ride share regulations.

Among the approved amendments is an exemption to the prescribed fare system to which taxis have had to adhere.

Companies like Uber are able to tailor fares to demand with discounts and surge pricing.

The bylaw changes will allow taxi fares booked through an approved mobile application to be exempt from the city’s fare structure.

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“We support these recommendations and are cautiously optimistic the proposed hybrid fare model will begin to level the playing field with the rideshare discount/surge model while offering fare certainty and convenience to the customer,” said Regina Cabs manager Sandy Archibald in her delegation to Tuesday’s meeting.

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The amended Taxi Bylaw, which is also set to include reduced decal requirments, is set to be drafted for council approval on July 29.

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Significant discussion was heard at the meeting regarding mandating cameras in rideshare vehicles, as are required in taxis.

A motion from Councillor John Findura, Ward 5, seeking to amend the recommendations approved by council to include a ride share camera requirement, was withdrawn by a majority vote.

Mayor Michael Fougere said council decided that the safety features built into the app are sufficient.

“A lot of things are known already, so that’s a safety feature that’s not for taxis because taxis pick up off the street and rideshare does not do that. You must apply through the software,” Fougere said.

“So there are inherent features that are safe — not infallible, but safe. Same as (how) cameras aren’t infallible either.”

1:41 Regina unveils proposed rideshare rules

Regina unveils proposed rideshare rules

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