Reports of “El Azul” replacing El Marro as Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima leader

By Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Yesterday  reports were published, that “authorities have identified who took control of the Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima, after the apprehension of “El Marro”.
He is Adán Ochoa alias “El Azul” or aka “Gordo Paz”, compadre and henchman of the former huachicolero leader, is named in reports as having taken the position left vacant by El Marro on August 2nd.
In the article, it referred the reorganization of CSRL, and of cartulinas that appeared in Celaya, Guanajuato, and signed by an “El Azul”.   

The messages read more or less:

“This happened to them for being fucking crooked, assholes sell ranchos, we are coming for you fucking Yeyo joto, and your Cholo crooked leg, fuckers who kill  innocents and here we are to bump them, now shut up you dick heads, sincerely: “El Azul”

Puro Comandante Azul
On August 17th the first video appeared assuring the CSRL was still standing.
On August 22nd a video surfaced depicting a small group of men affirming leadership of El Azul, with a warning to CJNG, and to acknowledge the cartel is still strong and their enemy is CJNG who they refer to as “skinny bitches”:

“The following video is to reaffirm what the commander said in the first video: Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel is stronger than ever, the war will continue and continue against the fucking Jaliscas, we will not allow any skinny bitches to settle in the state , stop ma … Jaliscas,  Guanajuato is for Guanajuato. This cell that you see here will not give up any municipality in the north of Guanajuato. Guanajuato is for Guanajuato, you are tourists!”

Comandante Azul is fighting CJNG for control of the territory of the Mexican Bajío, the routes in the area and the huachicolero business.
Yesterday, Milenio was the first news outlet to report the leadership of EL Azul.
However, little is known about Azul.  And until now there isn’t an arrest warrant out for the man.  In 2019 he gave permission for the government to search his place of residency.  The search concluded without the finding of any evidence.
Azul is said to have shared a close relationship with El Marro, and was pictured with the now imprisoned leader in Mazatlán, Sinaloa in 2019 along with other vacation photos that surfaced.  
They are pictured together at a bar.
Azul is not mentioned in the organizational chart that was produced a few months before Marro’s arrest.
Also, what is known is Cárteles Unidos and Grupo Sombra of the Gulfo Cartel, entered an alliance of some type that supported Marro in his war against Mencho. 
They allegedly interrogated and tortured some CJNG members.  It is unclear how the two groups fit into this scenario after the fall.

Facts are sketchy at this point, but for at least now, “El Azul” is being named by Milenio as the leader of the group. 

El Azul may be a newer moniker, his better-known name is “Gordo Paz”  read below.