Reports-Rumors of El Mencho being killed

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Reports of El Mencho being dead is beginning to make its rounds on social media and on mainstream news outlets, as we are, reporting on the story.  There are three mainstream accounts of the same story.

The story seems to have begun by journalist Hector de Mauleon, who says there are two possibilities; one he was shot and killed in the north, the other that he died of illness. I remember the false story of his death in March, initiating in European press, ‘Notiamérica’, that reported his death by gunshots. They changed the cause to be that of illness. 

It was a surprising story since the news outlet is reputable.

As for today’s death report,  as of yet,  there is no official confirmation of the alleged death of ” El Mencho ” supreme leader of Cartel Jalisco New Generation CJNG.

Army and National Guard are on “alert”, said De Mauleón.

El Debate reports the death of “El Mencho” is due to health problems, including Coronavirus.  This rumor was around before.

Debate reports further: “When questioning the authorities of the Public Security and Prosecutor’s Office of Jalisco on the same subject, they said they were aware of the strong rumors circulating in networks but clarified that so far there is no confirmed information on the fact. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health said that it had no report of the death of the drug trafficker by COVID-19.

It would seem that all hell would be breaking loose in Jalisco if the rumor was true, and so far, it isn’t.