San Jose del Cabo BCS: Armed Commando Takes Down 10 Security Guards at Hotel

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: MundoDigital y BCSNoticias


      Armed commando assaults San Jose del Cabo- CSL, BC tourist corridor hotel this morning:

On Friday morning an armed command broke into the Paradisus Los Cabos Hotel and after over powering more than 10 security guards, they were stripped of cell phones, wallets and other valuables. The gunmen tried to enter the management area but when detecting that more personnel began to arrive at work they decided to flee the premises.
Around 02:53 in the morning, 6 individuals with long and short weapons arrived at the Hotel and managed to over power the security men of the security booth. Each was subdued as they were arriving, making it possible to circumvent the security booth, because they threatened the manager and took him to the interior of the hotel.

One of the armed men stripped them of cell phones, wallets, jewels and other valuables and they were forced to lie on the ground and close their eyes. At least 10 security officers who, being surprised by the armed commando that had long and short weapons, were victimized but ultimately no one was injured nor were the criminals able to access the main facilities of the hotel.

Although that area belongs to the Tourist Police, those who arrived were the patrol officers DST-826 and DST-825 but the criminals had already fled, after detecting that the workers on the morning shift were beginning to  arrive and it would be impossible to reach the management area of the lobby of the hotel.

It was the shift manager himself, Julio César Vargas, who reported the facts and confirmed that at least 10 security agents had been the victims of the armed commando, who would have arrived aboard two vehicles and fled by the federal road toward the port of Cabo San Lucas.
In the Ministry, the complaint was filed SJC / 2486/2019 and the statement was taken from the employees who witnessed the robbery at dawn on Friday.

Fortunately, the armed gun toting thieves did not enter the guest rooms, they only managed to reach the offices of the private security service.
It should be noted that although robberies are still an on going problem, the all out cartel war that was being fought in the Los Cabos area has subsided greatly since its height 2-3 years ago and violent crime has decreased as well.