Silao, Guanajuato: Municipal Police Chief Assassinated

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Informador y Imparcial

The Municipal Police commander of Silao, Guanajuato was killed, the 26th Municipal Police officer to be killed in the State so far this year to date.

Erasmo Fuentes Damián was traveling in a car heading for the command post and when he stopped in the parking lot, armed men shot him dead. Paramedics came to the aid of the victim and confirmed that he was lifeless because of various gun shots.
The commander of the Municipal Police was executed this morning inside his vehicle by two motorcyclists who followed him into the parking lot of the National Peasant Confederation (CNC), located one block from the Central de Autobuses de Silao, in Guanajuato. He was shot through the Jetta’s window minutes before 8 am.

The attackers mocked the policemen who persecuted them as they fled after the attack due to a high number of police vehicles that pursued them, although an operation has been maintained so far for their location.
Relatives of the deceased entered into crisis on the site and expressed that Erasmus had been deprived of life for the leakage of information from the analysis system of the corporation.
Mayor Antonio Trejo lamented the death of Fuentes Damián, who had eleven years of service in the corporation , and asked the authorities, the State Attorney General, to clarify the murder as soon as possible and asked those responsible to be punished with the full weight of the law.
Officers held a security cordon at the scene pending Criminal Investigation Agents and the Forensic Medical Service.