Sinaloa Cartel: Narco banners hung in Zacatecas blaming senator for allowing CJNG territorial access

 Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat   TY Gus

Also in a video message  “Operation MZ” (Mayo Zambada) of
the Sinaloa Cartel announces its arrival in Nayarit.

Narco-banners were hung in
Zacatecas, ‘signed” by CDS and point to the Zacatecas Senator David Monreal, as
being responsible for given access to the territory to CJNG, causing violence to

The senators brother, Saul
Monreal (below) denounced the narco messages as “dirty politics” implying the messages
were a smear campaign of lies.  Saul
Monreal is the mayor of Fresnillo.

The messages read: (thank you Sol)

Citizens of Zacatecas. You are
not alone. We are still working for a better State, free of kidnappers,
extortionists, and rapists who only harm society. David Monreal gave CJNG
access to the territory,  which is being led by Audias Flores Silva aka El

He is the one who is kidnapping and extorting the citizens to pay
for his political campaign as Governor. Kidnappings, robberies, nor
extortionists are allowed to operate within the territory of Mr. Mayo Zambada.