SLRC, Sonora: Triple Execution of Members of “Los Salazars”

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta y Radiopatrulla y reporteniveluno

                           Triple Execution in San Luis was a surprise attack on Los Salazars:

“Los Salazars”, are allegedly among the victims of shooting in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, a border town just south of Yuma, Arizona.  After the fray, weapons for the exclusive use of the Army, money, drugs and an RPG-7 rocket launcher were seized.

One of the alleged leaders of the criminal group known as “Los Salazar”, was apparently killed, after a shooting in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, yesterday Saturday which left a  balance of 3 dead.

Strong shooting broke out in Carranza alley and 12th street in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, where unknown subjects rushed people who were inside a workshop with 2 vehicles loaded with weapons, there they killed 2 men, two more were taken to the hospital where one more died and a fourth person is in very serious condition. The victims were reportedly “riddled with bullets”. They found a rocket launcher, weapons, money and drugs.

Unofficially, it was reported that one of the deceased was Guillermo Esaú Salazar, considered the leader of a criminal group known as “Los Salazar”. Alberto ‘N’ , 29 years old , also died who was there at the scene and Ricardo Humberto ‘N’,  33 years old, who was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital.
Officially Updated: Alberto Félix Castro, 29, originally from Nogales. Ricardo Humberto Borboa Villalobos, 33, and Guillermo Saavedra Burboa, 34, aka “El Chester” originally from Navojoa.
The latter was confused by ministerial authorities as a member of the “Salazar” family of Ciudad Obregón, but after collating the data it was established that he is not part of the family, but he is identified as a lieutenant.

Dozens of municipal agents of the prosecution went to the shop about eight o’clock at night, where they secured two vehicles, a red Dodge Ram pick up, 2017 model stolen in Yuma and a Nissan sedan, navy blue, with report of robbery in San Diego, aboard which was an RPG rocket launcher, 2 short AK 47s,  two squad type short weapons, four communication radios, an ax with a holster, a chest vest , tactical equipment, 96 thousand pesos, and two bags with marijuana and methamphetamine.

The assailants were hooded and arrived at the repair shop aboard a dark sedan vehicle, carried out the fierce and bloody attack on the victims with 223 caliber weapons and then fled. The deceased were surprised by the attack and had no chance to use their weapons.
Due to the scenario left by the criminal groups, it is presumed that it was a confrontation between groups fighting for the square and the victims are allegedly linked to the criminal group of “Los Salazar”, which maintains operations in a large area of ​​Sonora .
“El Chester” has a warrant for apprehension in force in 2014, in addition to being admitted to the San Luis Río Colorado Cereso, for the crime of robbery with violence on several occasions.
He is considered a lieutenant of weight within the criminal organization of “Los Salazar”, which is responsible for the operation of the cell in that municipality.