Sonora: Interrogation of La Barredora members before execution-video translation

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Twitter TY SR

Two members of La Barredora were captured,
interrogated then executed.  They left behind a narco cartulina with a warning message that accompanies many executions.


“This will happen to everyone of 24/7 Caborca.
 Here everyone already knows who is in
charge and their leaders.   Cara de Cochi –(means filty face or pig face
and is  Jesus Dario Murrieta) and Abel
know not to be assholes about this.

Attn: The Mera Verga (Ivan Guzman)

Video narrative translation below

Warning: I am told there is an
execution coup de grace at the video end

Sol Prendido translation for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows: Sicario: What message would
you like to send out to everyone in Caborca and in Nayarit where you came from?

Captive #1: Don’t allow yourselves to be fooled. These guys
don’t pay. Everything is being held with lies. Saying there is no war and that
all is fine here. Don’t listen to what they’re claiming because it’s all a
deception. Here they will have you believe that lots of money will be made. And
that all you have to do is be a lookout in a certain spot.

Sicario: And how about you? You’re a veteran in that fucking
organization. Which organization do you pertain to in Caborca?

Captive #2: I belong to La Barredora 24/7.

Sicario: And who is it being led by?

Captive #2: It’s being led by Dario Murrieta aka Cara de Cochi
and Abel.

Sicario: And who contracted you?

Captive #2: I was contracted by Dario and La Yuka.

Sicario: What do they send you to do when they’re on the road

Captive #2: Well, they send me to steal vehicles, to set
restaurants on fire, and to extort citizens.

Sicario: What happened yesterday there on the highway?

Captive #2: They left one of their men there. It was 5 of
their vehicles against 3 locals. But they ran away.

Sicario: Is there a message that you’d like to send out to
those individuals that you worked for?

Captive #2: Well, that they ain’t worth a fuck. They just
ain’t worth a fuck. Their time has come to an end already. The people here are
too strong.

Sicario: We will be here waiting for everyone to come at us
whenever they’re ready. This will be the fate of all the gunmen who comes out
of Caborca.