Sonora: They finish off an injured Marina in an ambulance

 Steve C Borderland Beat Source

Empalme, Son.- On Sunday afternoon, a group of armed men
violently ended the life of a man identified as a military man who was being
transported aboard a Red Cross ambulance and injured another.

After being initially shot, they got into a black sedan and
drove to the Red Cross, where they were boarded on to an ambulance to be
transported to a hospital.

20 armed men arrived and blocked the three accesses to the
Red Cross facility. The hitmen got into the ambulance and finished off the
young sailor in front of the paramedics who were attending to him. Empalme will
be without emergency service as all staff left.

This is what journalist Águeda Barojas points out, who on
social networks said that after the attack, the Empalme Red Cross was left
without paramedics. The terror that this situation caused them to have the need
for psychological assistance.