Tashan Daniel: Tube murder accused ‘had no idea’ a knife was present

Tashan Daniel, Jonathan Camille, Treyone Campbell and Alex Lanning Image copyright BTP
Image caption Alex Lanning (wearing a cap) confronted Tashan Daniel (wearing an Arsenal top) at Hillingdon station

A man accused of murdering an Arsenal fan at a London Underground station has told a court he did not know his co-accused had a knife.

Jonathan Camille said he did not envisage violence breaking out at Hillingdon Tube station last September.

Tashan Daniel, 20, was stabbed to death on the platform by Mr Camille’s friend Alex Lanning.

Mr Lanning, 22, of Uxbridge, and Mr Camille both deny murder and are on trial at the Old Bailey.

Jurors had previously heard that “violence erupted” between two sets of friends after Mr Lanning shouted across the tracks “what are you looking at?”.

CCTV showed Mr Camille and Mr Lanning confront Mr Daniel and his friend Treyone Campbell as the pair made their way to The Emirates to watch Arsenal play Nottingham Forest in the Carabao Cup.

Image copyright BTP
Image caption Alex Lanning crossed platforms at Hillingdon station to confront Tashan Daniel and his friend, the court heard

Mr Camille said he broke into a fight with Mr Campbell claiming he “had been abusive” and told him “he was a joke man”.

But, the 20-year-old, from Kensington, said he was unaware that Mr Lanning was carrying a knife that had been taken from the set of the latest Fast and Furious film.

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Image caption Alex Lanning told the court he took the knife from Warner Bros studios

Mr Camille said he “had no idea” anything had happened to Mr Daniel, who bled to death in a Metropolitan Line train carriage.

He continued: “I was frightened. I just wanted to get out of the station. I just had a fight and there was a possibility that police would come.

“I was scared to be arrested. I saw Alex covered in blood and his eyes were wide open.

“I threw my clothes with Alex’s because I was following him. I didn’t know about the knife.”

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Image caption Alex Lanning and Jonathan Camille took floral pyjamas from an estate after discarding their clothes

Mr Camille said he put a towel over his head “because it was raining” and to “disguise himself” while on a bus.

He told jurors he then met up with Mr Lanning at the home of a mutual friend in Yew Avenue, West Drayton, and learnt of Mr Daniel’s death the day after the stabbing.

“I learned that a young man had died. He was stabbed at Hillingdon station. I couldn’t think of anyone else apart from Alex.

“I didn’t know how to ask him, I didn’t know him well and I was scared of what would happen next.”

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Image caption Tashan Daniel was attacked on his way to see his favourite team, Arsenal

They met up in central London on 4 October and “couldn’t string sentences together” as the pair knew police were looking for them both.

“My mind was everywhere, I couldn’t understand what to do.

“I did consider going to the police, but I wasn’t too sure if I could.”

The trial continues.