Tepalcatepec, Michoacán: Juan José Farías Álvarez aka El Abuelo Message to His Followers

This is the truth about the war with the assassin Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes. Who happens to be against the townspeople of Tepeque and its Autodefensas. 
Digital Manta Translation Is As Follows:

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the Michoacán state. My greetings extend mainly to my beautiful town of Tepalcatepec. I want each of you that have this powerful and blessed tool known as social media know this. 

I am Juan José Farías Álvarez, with affection my family and you, the townspeople of Tepeque, know me as El Abuelo. I want everyone to know why the CJNG is trying to attack our beloved town of Tepeque.

I will remind everyone and I know that several who personally know me will not allow me to lie. For this reason I want you to support me by spreading this message, which will be the only message I will give.

This goes out to those individuals who believe what El Mencho, as well as his assassins from the CJNG have said. Along with that fake journalist Juan Ulises Lara Gracian, who doesn’t even live in Michoacán. But has taught himself to create lies in order to attack me and my town of Los Reyes. 

We once had a dear friend who by affection was known as Heraclio. We called him Cochiloco, he was a friend who fought a lot for the peace of Los Reyes.

And I’m not going to deny it, we also had a friendship with El Mencho once, but only a friendship. Many of his hitmen are Michoacános and have family in Los Reyes as well as Tepeque. But as I’ve mentioned it was only a friendship. Well, it turns out that my friend Heraclio was picked up by gunmen from El Mencho.

I well remember that we sent Mencho a message. We asked that he please not bother that boy. He was an honest working individual, a defender of the towspeople, a leader. The message was sent on behalf of Ponchito from Los Reyes. What they answered was that we give them control of the entire municipality of Los Reyes.

So that they could sell drugs, collect avocado fees, steal vehicles, extort, and to be able to do whatever they want to in the towns where they are present. And that their main objective was to reach Uruapan and Morelia. Just as well they needed that route to be able to travel it freely.

We immediately surrounded with convoys the towns of Los Reyes and Tepalcatepec. And as is customary an urgent meeting was held at the local livestock arena. We told everyone about the problem and agreed to send another message to Mencho. Explaining that we didn’t want a silly war with them.

And to make it clear to him that we would defend each inhabitant. Not only from Tepalcatepec but just as well any innocent citizen in Michoacán. We’re nothing more than honest working individuals. And we’re not use to being under the yoke of the cartels.

The message they answered was the same: LEAVE PONCHO FROM LOS REYES TO FEND FOR HIMSELF AND WE WONT BOTHER YOU. But it was clear that they not only wanted to fuck over everyone in Los Reyes. In due time they would also come for me and everyone else who stood in their way. 

Once again, a meeting was held at the local livestock arena in Tepeque. And we made a brave decision. All the self-defense groups agreed to fight the powerful CJNG because we’re not going to allow him to take our people, to take our self-defense leaders, and disappear them as he did to our friend Heraclio.

 I, El Abuelo, took the bull by the horns and I let the CJNG know that if that was the plan we didn’t agree to any of it.