Tijuana: CJNG sicario chief El Cabo89 arrested

 Steve c Borderland Beat  Source

With the support of elements of
the Sedena and National Guard, Municipal Security and Citizen Protection
Secretariat (SSPCM) of Tijuana, Édgar Pérez Villa alias “El Nier” or “Cabo 89”,
identified as the alleged head of cartel hitmen of Cartel Jalisco Nueva
Generación (CJNG) in the Sánchez Taboada and Los Pinos neighborhoods, was
captured in Tijuana.

The arrest of the 31-year-old man
was carried out at 08:10 on October 8 on Iztaccíhuatl avenue on the corner of
Pánuco street in the Camino Verde neighborhood. 
According to the police report, Pérez was walking on the sidewalk, and
when he saw the uniformed men approach, “he suddenly moved, with his right
hand, from the front of his waist, to what appeared to be a firearm”, but when
the agents gave him the order to throw it to the ground,“ El Nier ” cooperated.

Later, he was arrested for
possession of a 9-millimeter caliber weapon.

The authorities reported that the
person arrested is responsible for the wave of violence in that area of
​​the city.  He was transferred to the premises of the
Attorney General’s Office for disposal, where his legal situation will be
determined. At the time of this publication, he did not yet have a hearing

As part of Los Cabos, the armed
wing, he was responsible for the retail sale of drugs by the Cartel Jalisco
Nueva Generación  (CJNG) in the Baja
California coast.

Members of the Sinaloa Cartel
threatened him on September 14, 2019. On the morning of that Saturday, in three
different but close points, with junctions between Sánchez Taboada avenue and
Agricultores, and October 2nd and Cruz del Sur streets, they left the remains
of a dismembered man.