Trial evidence awaits Genaro García Luna “Mexico’s Drug-War” Czar, includes his connection to Chapo’s ‘Gatún’ ship with 20 tons of Cocaine

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

The United States released evidence information in the case against Genaro García Luna, including seized communications, financial and business records, and files from Mexican police agencies.  

Also, in support of drug charges against García Luna, the U.S. intends to link 3 major drug busts to García Luna.

Two were in Brooklyn and New Jersey,  and the bust off of Panama of the Sinaloa Cartel shipment of cocaine in a vessel named “El Gatún”.  The Gatun was front and center in the trial of El Chapo.
In 2007, there were 19.5 tons of cocaine seized in Panama, with the help of the United States in conjunction with the United States.
The massive amount of the drug belonged to the Sinaloa Cartel. 
Investigation at the times revealed that CDS (Sinaloa Cartel) was establishing Panama cells as a staging point to traffic drugs to Mexico and the United States.

After obtaining permission from the Panamanian government, the Coast Guard boarded the Gatún, and discovered the cache of cocaine hidden in two containers, in an operation called ‘Panama Express’. 

The ship that was intercepted by the U.S. Coast Guard and Panama Maritime,   along with the ship and seized drugs, 14 people were arrested including 3 Mexican Nationals.
The Coast Guard delivered the drugs, ship, and detainees to Panama at a military base adjacent to the Interoceanic Canal.
In the confessions of the detained Mexicans, they established that the drug shipment route which was supposed to skirt surveillance of the coast guard.  
In the investigation 25kg of the drug was sent to the United States for analyses, 100 kg left in Panama for the same purpose.
That action becomes a part of the case of the United States vs Genaro García Luna, it will be tangible evidence in the case which alleges drug charges against the architect of Mexico’s ‘War on Drugs’.