Video: CDG armed wing “Grupo Sombra” cooks humans Zetas style

 By Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat and Sol Prendido

The practice to eliminate all
trace of human remains is known as “Cocinar”, and was first used by the Zetas, specifically in the northeast state of Coahuila.

A video was uploaded
by the group Special Forces Grupo Sombra or FEGS onto social networks where
they are cooking human remains.

The method to disintegrate human
remains is to put dismembered remains of a person in trash cans or drums with
holes drilled, and gasoline or diesel added and set it on fire, until the body

Another version of this practice
is to use acid and dissolve the remains.

In Coahuila thousands of small
fragments of human bones were discovered in the Five Springs area in the north
part of the state near the border with Texas. 
The Trevino’s owned horse ranches in the area and at one of the ranches
the fragments were found.

After the split with CDG, Los
Zetas took complete control of Coahuila and had the Moreira administration in
its pocket.  The group literally
controlled every aspect of state operation. 
Only the Laguna area, adjacent to Durango was a shared territory.

In a Wikileaks memo, it was
discovered that American Félix Batista had been executed and “cooked” in this

On the day Félix Batista
disappeared, he was in Saltillo to make a speech and presentation to
businessmen about ways to avoid kidnapping.

The former Army major was an
expert in the field, working as a consultant through ASI Global, a Texas based
security firm.

Additional comments from Sol

A new video from the Mexican
underworld has surfaced online. In this broadcast Grupo Sombra, the armed wing
of the Cartel del Golfo, is cooking the remains of their enemies.

The portable incinerator that
they employ for the task is nothing more than a modified 55 gallon oil drum.
What can be seen in this film are the partial remains of one corpse whose left
leg is protruding from the burning drum.

A gaggle of young and armed
sicarios standing around haphazardly. They’re all wearing their signature
F.E.G.S. (Fuerzas Especiales Grupo Sombra) caps.

These men are also eating the
Mexican pastries known as Gansito to pass the time. Followed by the second
corpse whose 2 burning legs can also be seen sticking upwards from inside the

The video ends with one of the
sicarios pouring a flammable liquid into the drum. This is being done so as not
to allow the fire to extinguish.

Video footage is graphic