Video: Ministry of Defense reports La Linea are responsible of LeBarón massacre

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Gus from Reforma

LeBarón massacre of 9 dual citizenship children and women

Those of us who religiously follow the Mexican narco war, had a question  after hearing about the LeBarón family massacre.  How or does the event link with the fierce confrontation in nearby Agua Prieta in the early hours of Monday?
In those initial hours of Monday, there were fierce clashes between La Línea and Los Salazars  in different parts of Agua Prieta. We now are told that La Línea [Chihuahua] did in fact enter Sonora subsequent to learning Los Salazar [Sonora] we planning to enter Chihuahua. 
The LeBarón family may have been at the wrong place with horrible timing.  Refer to my maps below. 

A suspect has been arrested, who when arrested had two hostages bound and gagged in his vehicle.
General Homero Mendoza, chief of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense, attributed to the criminal organization of La Línea, which operates in Chihuahua, as perpetrators of  the massacre of nine members of the LeBarón family .
The military command indicated that members of La Línea were deployed before the threat that the rival group of Los Salazar, which operates in Sonora, would try to enter Chihuahua.
“The criminal organization of La Línea, faced with this threat of the intention of the Salazars to enter Chihuahua decide send a cell between Janos and Bavispe to limit.
“As a result of that confrontation or that confrontation that is taking place within the limits of both states, they decide to send a cell and it is assumed that this cell they send to stop the incursion or penetration of some criminal cell of Los Salazars as they advanced towards Chihuahua.  It  is assumed it is the materialization of aggression that is  being attributed to the LeBarón family massacre, “said General Mendoza.
He indicated that previously there was a confrontation between members of La Línea and Los Salazar in Agua Prieta, Sonora, and derived from that was that the cell of the first organization was sent.
where La Linea sent gunmen
When presenting a timeline, Mendoza said that the three vehicles attacked left the ranch La Mora but at different times, so the attacks were separate.
The first aggression occurred at 9:40 am at a point near La Mora. The first vehicle attacked was a Tahoe truck that caught fire from the shots it received. There died a woman and four children.
The second vehicle attacked was a Suburban van in which a woman and 6 children were traveling. In this fact two children died and the woman he was driving. Four minors managed to escape.
The third fact was the attack on another Suburban in which a woman, who died, and four minors were traveling. It is presumed, the command said, that the criminals let the children go after the attack.