Zacatecas: 14 tortured bodies found in Fresnillo, 26 bodies in 3 areas of the city

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from NTR

On Friday morning, at least 14 people were found dead, tortured, handcuffed, and shot dead.
The events were reported at 06:50 hours; the bodies were abandoned in front of the old military checkpoint on federal highway 45, the  Fresnillo-Cañitas section of Felipe Pescador, very close to the Cerro Gordo community north of this city.
Official sources reported that they are at least 14 bodies after other sources reported that there are 16.
Elements from the three levels of the government arrived at the place, who cordoned off the perimeter area to initiate the first investigations.

So far the bodies have not been identified and the sex is unknown as they were left wrapped in blankets.

Reportedly, 26 bodies of executed people, found in 3 points of the municipality.  

CDS are being possibly behind the killings. 

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